15cm Multi Jointed Swimbait 59g

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Item description:

  A series advanced technology have been used during the production,let this lifelike crankbait has following fuctions and also will bring you more pleasant experience in your fishing journey.

  Perfect swimmimg action is deadly attractive to fish.This kind of fishing lure shows a lively swimmimg action in water,With steel ball inside, the baits can stay steady during the casting and can increase the throw distance at the same time. 
  The small steel balls can make sounds that will strongly draw the fish's attentions when you drag the baits. 
  What's more, the inner steel balls are measured by precision instrument, which adjusts the swimming stroke of the baits to the best. 
  Super materials is  extremely strong and durable,let you can use longer than ordinary lures.

Position: River,Reservoir Pond,Ocean Boat Fishing,stream,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake
Category: Lure
Model Number: ML08B
Type: Artificial Bait
Color: Colorful
Construction: Multi Jointed
Swim Action: Tempting/attractive
Body Material: Super ABS Hard Plastic
Rings: Strong Stainless Steel
Hooks: Famous Brand 2# VMC Hook
Eyes: Vivid 3D Eyes
Size: 6inches/15cm
Weight: 2.08oz/59g
Position: Ocean Rock Fshing LifeLike Crankbait Slow Sinking Hard Bait Tackle Fishing Lure 7 Segment Artificial 



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